We provide union operators for all types of cranes, including hammerhead, self-erecting, luffing-jib, RT and more.  Our operators are all NCCCO certified, with documented experience records.  We also provide operators for man-material lifts, forklifts, and other heavy machinery.



We provide NCCCO certified, union riggers for all types of cranes. Our riggers work in tandem with the operator to make sure each and every load is secured and safe.  Garner riggers keep an eye on efficiency by scheduling picks and managing logistics, to ensure a productive job-site.



Garner provides all types of cranes, including, tower, hydraulic, RT, conventional, self-erecting, and more.  We can provide any make or model of heavy machinery your job requires, complete with delivery, erection, regular maintenance, equipment insurance, inspection, and dismantle.



While our safety record speaks for itself, we’re constantly evaluating our policies, implementing initiatives, and utilizing new technologies to ensure that we exceed industry standards. Garner is committed to enhancing the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public.


On-Hook Camera Systems

For the last 9 years, Garner has been using wireless camera systems mounted on the hook block of tower cranes. The camera feed provides the operator with a close-up, unobstructed view of the load, rigging, and workers below. Improving safety, efficiency, and communication, all while decreasing accidents and liability.



We take care of all employee oversight needs and requirements for the life of the job. Garner manages the operator’s work schedules, vacation days, illnesses, drug-screening, and provides fill-in operators as they are required.  We can also provide additional operators or riggers, on an as-needed basis, at a moments notice.


Decreased Liability

Garner carries $7,000,000 of ‘on-hook’, general liability insurance for every job we staff, providing our clients a way to shift liability off their books, saving them time and money. We work closely with out clients to customize an insurance package that meets the specific requirements and demands of each and every job.


Maintenance and Supplies

We provide everything necessary to keep your crane running smoothly. Our operators preform scheduled inspections, and all regular maintenance.  We provide safety plans, oil, grease and grease guns, wire rope lubrication, climbing harnesses, and all rigging equipment including straps, chokers, and chains.

Certified WBE & DBE

We’re a certified WBE & DBE firm – let us help you reach your diversity goals.

Full Service Packages.

Garner Construction offers a full service, turn-key package for our clients that want to take the guess work out of tower crane operation.  We handle all aspects of tower crane procurement and operation, providing you with headache-free service.

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Garner will provide any type of heavy equipment your job requires: Tower Cranes, Conventional Cranes, Hydraulic / RT Cranes, Man & Material Hoists, Forklifts, and more.


Erection & Dismantle

Erection & Dismantle

Your crane or equipment will be delivered to your jobsite and erected in the area specified by the Contractor. At the completion of the job, the crane will be dismantled and returned.




Garner will provide an experienced union operator with all necessary certifications and licenses. Garner guarantees that the operator will meet your specific job needs and expectations, or a replacement will be made.




Garner will provide you with a qualified Bellman to schedule crane usage between subcontractors, as well as ensure that loads are rigged and delivered safely.  The Bellman will work in tandem with the Tower Crane Operator to maximize crane usage.




Our operators will provide all preventative maintenance and record keeping, and submit weekly maintenance reports.  Garner handles all materials: oil, grease, wire rope lubrication, climbing harness, grease gun and any other tools required. We also schedule repairs.


Rigging Clinic

Rigging Clinic

Garner Construction will include one rigging clinic to train the trade contractors the basic requirements and safety precautions of properly rigging loads. The clinic shall be held at the job site, and scheduled by the Project Supervisor.




Garner will provide $5,000,000 of ‘on-hook’ general liability insurance to cover the entire scope of our work, shifting all liability away from the general contractor.  We’ll also carry equipment insurance covering the Tower Crane or other heavy machinery.